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Fibromyalgia from A - Z


Freedom without fibromyalgia!

For all inpatient people - yes we have solution. Also - you will not be an experimental object.

In last 15 years everyone was able to recover. Most of the symptoms are gone in first 3-4 months.

Short term memory recovery takes form 11 month to over a year. Interesting fact is that you should remember everything from the sickness time. All of it is in your brain. You lost only temporarily access to this information and that could be recovered.

Learn the Basics - IT IS IMPORTANT   clz3

"... They discovered that running underneath my bed was a heavy EMF radiation. They offered to install a special Neutralizer and now I am sleeping extremely well and I am waking up early in the morning refreshed and renewed. Now I have more energy and stamina, my focus, concentration and memory have extremely improved. The Fibromyalgia is completely healed, I do not have to write everything down and as a result I have the freedom to discover my life fully, as I had always desired to do. I do not have to take all the vitamins I used to take because my Immune System is totally normal now and Thyroid Imbalance Syndrome no longer exists it is now normal. The Doctor ordered two sets of extensive lab tests that confirm this. Also I do not to use the two inhalators as often, I have little or no pain with the Osteoarthritis and life is wonderful again."

In all and every case we are suggesting to use both medical treatments and our products. This combination provides best results.

Internal Structure Regeneration tablet

Learn the Basics    clz3

It is better to be safe than suffer in future. Try EMF Protection now!

Simplifying - stronger (with more vital energy) people recovered - immune system had enough energy to repair and recover.

Exposition to "EMF Radiation" energy for longer period of time may leads to serious health problems. Power lines, cell towers, power transformers, smart meters, radiation rising from under your house or apartment are only a few from countless number of man-made and natural EMFs sources.

Introductory Set 100% recovery

Suggested for:
Price in Canadian Dollars [CAD]
AN-5CV2b - Basic - Neutralizer for protection from below

  • Apartment
  • Office (smal to medium)
  • Workplace
  • home below 900 sq ft (including basement)
  1. AN-5CV2b
  2. Peace Ball # 17,000
$ 725.00

[more advanced sets speed up recovery - check link below]

This solution was proven in last 15 years number of times.

Learn the Basics - IT IS IMPORTANT   clz3

Internal Structure Regeneration tablet

Additional assistance

Money Back Warranty is increased:

  • to 1 year for everyone
  • to 2 years for farmers (all agriculture related products)
as a response to drastic climate changes in past years.

Exception all Neutralizers are not protecting against heavy radiation like x-rays - (gamma) or heavy particles (beta and alpha). They protect only against a wide spectrum of EMFs (from 0.01 Hz to over 300 GHz)



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